The «  Maison de l’Image »  is an ideal setting for learning the moving image trades.  It is a meeting place, a training space, a platform for cultural exchanges and a space for co-working and a residence for artists. It is in Mutuelleville,  a burgeoning  town quarter in Tunis  well catered for by public transport.     


A space for co-working

A space fitted out and equipped for working, for meeting, receiving and sharing.


The exhibition hall

Each year it hosts a series of temporary exhibitions to explore and discover the image in all its forms :  photos, design, graphics, etc…


A projection room  

An unusual place is available for individuals and authors for showing their documentaries, films, artists’ videos, multimedia creations and experimental cinema.


A training space 

A space equipped  suitably for the different training sessions.


A  photo studio

This is available for photographers, videographers and artists wishing to work in a suitable environment for photography and the moving image.


A terrace-café

Ideal for discovering the community and for meeting around a drink after leaving the exhibition, the projection, a training session or a meeting.


A meeting room

Specially designed to enhance collaborative work, this space makes you feel welcome and provides everything you are likely to need : a video projector, flip chart, table…