This type of training prepares the participants for becoming professionals in shooting, printing of photos and photographic retouching, thus providing them with sound technical skills enabling their creativity to be fully expressed.

Infographics and graphic design

This type of training enables the participants to design, create and undertake printed and electronic media contents in a huge domain of activities, such as the institutional or company identity, the design of various information carriers and the design of packaging.


This type of training will enable the participants to deal with all the video techniques and to master the whole film production process :  the shooting of the film,  film editing, mixing and dissemination so as to rapidly become autonomous and operational.

Web design and interactive  design

This type of training prepares the participants for designing the sites and ergonomic web applications which are functional, animated and in conformity with the standards, with professional graphics and suitable programming languages.

Illustration and  2D animation

This training enables the participants to master the different illustration techniques and to integrate the functions of creation, design and 2D animated films production.  The training participants  could then work in different domains such as the design of books for youngsters,  book covers and even 2D animation of different digital images such as the decor, characters and objects.