The Project “ Vision solidaire” emerged  when it was noted that there was a drop in unemployment in the different regions with the exception of Greater Tunis, that there was a lack of activity for young people who were discouraged looking for a job and the lack of qualified personnel  in line with the needs of the enterprises in terms of qualified staff in the domain of the « image ».    

“Vision Solidaire” will deal with the problems of unemployment, delinquency, lack of qualifications, financial problems and the cultural vacuum as well.

This project aims to get these young people out of their precarious social situation, to remove them from the risks of delinquency and even terrorism, to teach them a trade with a future for them and to improve the image of the problem neighbourhoods in Tunisia.

The quality of the training will be in the forefront as well as the qualification of the trainers.  Solidary Vision’s aim is thus to train an elite in the moving image industry and to create a community of excellence.

The training of  90 young people means improving the economic situation of their families, not forgetting the indirect jobs which can be generated by the project holders.

The project, in the long term, aims to ensure that the maximum number of young people can benefit from the project by replicating it in other regions in Tunisia.