Our training session are different in terms of quality through the development of soft skills, post-training coaching and the setting up of a  gamification system.


 Soft skills

In the long term the intervention of specialists in different domains will help to anticipate the capacity of our trainees to become fully integrated and to thrive within a team.  We stress the importance of including in the training-action programme those aspects pertaining to personal development and the strengthening of soft skills ( a sense of organisation, stress management, team work and public speaking).  


Post-training coaching  

Our approach is based on the principle that the training provided does not stop with the training as such ;  it goes further than that in order to support the participants in their sustainable insertion into the employment market and this would also facilitate their access to all types of jobs depending on their qualifications and professional project.



In order to have a mix of originality, play and learning, we are developing a platform which will make it possible to ensure a gamification of our training sessions through playful interfaces so as to acquire new knowledge, strengthen the commitment, reinforce collaboration and also develop specific skills. The platform will be used in the learning process and in the evaluation process in order to ensure better motivation and greater involvement in the training process.