Initial training 

Duration : 6 months

The initial training enables the participants to acquire the theoretical foundations and to participate in practical work and professional projects in order to enhance their knowledge.


Compulsory practicum 

Duration : 3 months

The traineeship in partner organisations is a simulation and an overview of life in an enterprise. It enables the participants to practice their acquired knowledge. This period also makes it possible to spot any learning difficulties and to remedy this through individual and collective monitoring.


Additional training

Duration : 1 month

Additional training is an upgrading exercise which makes it possible to correct any gaps observed during the training session, including the traineeship after the feedback of the participants and the hosting organisations.


Group project

Duration : 2 months

The group project is the culminating point of the whole learning course.  The completion of this project means that the beneficiaries  should focus on the difficult neighbourhoods in Greater Tunis.